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England 1422: Owen, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new mistress, the beautiful and lonely Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the warrior king, Henry V.


Her infant son is crowned King of England and France, and while the country simmers on the brink of civil war, Owen becomes her protector.


They fall in love, risking Owen’s life and Queen Catherine’s reputation—but how do they found the dynasty which changes British history – the Tudors?



England 1461: Sir Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke, flees the massacre of his Welsh army at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross and plans a rebellion to return his half-brother King Henry to the throne. 


When King Henry is imprisoned by Edward IV in the Tower of London and murdered, Jasper escapes to Brittany with his young nephew, Henry Tudor. 


Then Jasper sees his chance to make young Henry Tudor king with a daring and reckless invasion of England.



Bosworth 1485:  Henry Tudor becomes King of England and hopes to unite Lancaster and York through marriage to the beautiful Elizabeth of York.

With help from his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, he learns to keep a fragile peace. He chooses a Spanish Princess, Catherine of Aragon, as a wife for his son Prince Arthur.


It seems his prayers are answered, then disaster strikes and Henry must ensure the future of the Tudors. 

Amazon #1 best-selling series in UK, US and Australia

"Tony Riches has this incredible way of fleshing out historical characters, bringing them to life and dragging them smack into the present."


Stacie Tyson, Reviewer


"A marvelous History lesson on an age largely forgotten. Lots of accurate historical retelling along with the fiction necessary to make it interesting."

Amazon Reviewer


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