1564: Devon sailor Francis Drake sets out on a journey of adventure.

Drake learns of routes used to transport Spanish silver and gold, and risks his life in an audacious plan to steal a fortune.

Queen Elizabeth is intrigued by Drake and secretly encourages his piracy. Her unlikely champion becomes a national hero, sailing around the world in the Golden Hind and attacking the Spanish fleet.

King Philip of Spain has enough of Drake’s plunder and orders an armada to threaten the future of England.


Riches has a way of portraying history in a manner that is highly engaging. I could not put this book down. The descriptions of those treacherous sea journeys where often Drake was faced with disaster, danger and heartbreak were so vivid I had a tear in my eye on more than one occasion.

Amy, Book Blogger

Drake is a wonderfully glamourous character, lots of flaws and lots of bravery with one hell of an exciting, dangerous life. Tony Riches is exactly the right author to cross swords with Sir Francis.

Book Reviewer

If you are looking for your next Tudor fix, then look no further. Drake - Tudor Corsair (The Elizabethan Series Book 1) by Tony Riches is a novel that will enthral you with its brilliance and leave you gasping for more.

Beatrice Rivers., Candlelight Reading

The sweeping narrative, the poetic prose and the vivid sense of time and place made this story not only a gripping read, but it really did feel like I had been transported back in time. The setting was so vivid that I fancied I could feel the rolling deck under my feet. I could hear the splash of the waves as it crashed against the bow of the ship. This is a book that fooled my senses into believing that what I was reading was actually happening, and that is something that I always look for in a novel.

Mary Anne Yarde - The Coffee Pot Book Club

I was totally immersed in this world of barques, caravels and galleons as they sailed the Spanish Main and other faraway places. This is my favourite of his books so far. Fans of nautical and biographical fiction will certainly be captivated by this tale of courage and adventure. It is a great start to a new series.


Yvonne at 'A Darn Good Read'

Tony Riches has given us a Francis Drake that is the closest thing readers will get to the real historical figure.

Carolina Casas at Tudors & Other Histories 

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